Made without AI?
Put an on it!

Let everyone know your content or work is crafted by humans and not created or augmented by AI.

Put an on your illustration


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How does work?


Sign the pledge that any content or creative work you mark with is not inspired, created, or augmented by AI.


You will get a unique number to add next to your , so people will be able to check if you signed the pledge.

Add the and your number to any artwork or your website to show people you crafted it without AI.

In the future might be added to unicode, so you can simply type it, but for now you can simply download it in any file format and colour, after signing the pledge. Or use the existing character ⓗ.

What's next for ?

Make it easy to mark human craftwork anywhere.

Write an RFC for a new Unicode character so fonts and devices can start supporting humand craftwork.

Facilitate to recognize non-human crafted work.

Link to, host and develop tools to check for AI artifacts.

Integrate with the platforms of human craftwork.

Allow to link social and creative platform accounts to Human Craftwork.

Add social proof to your pledge.

Allow other human crafters to add endorsements to your profile.

Allow to hear human craftwork.

Add a sonic/ audio logo to know when you're listening to human craftwork.

Want to help out with these plans or do you have more ideas to support recognizing human craftwork? Just reach out to us.

100% human crafted by Jasper Hartong and Marieke Schoutsen